About Faces Permanent Cosmetics - Aspen, Boulder and Vail, CO

Providing Permanent Cosmetic Makeup to the Vail and Aspen Valley(s) for Nearly 30 Years...

Diana M. Graham MPS.CHt.CCE.CPE.LCE.

Master Permanent Cosmetics Artist/Instructor, Medical and Oncology Aesthetician/Instructor,

Licensed Clinical Electrologist/Instructor, Certified Color & Image Consultant, Certified Xtreme Lash Extension Stylist,

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Editor: The Best Skin Care Blog Ever.Pro

About Your Medical Aesthetics Therapist…

An Authority in the Fields of Permanent Cosmetics, Medical Aesthetics and Permanent Hair Removal


Ms. Graham is an active international practitioner and educator in her simultaneous careers of Medical and Cosmetic Permanent Makeup, Veterinary Tattooing, Permanent Hair Removal (Electrolysis/Laser), Derma Hygiene (Medical and Oncology Aesthetics,) Acne Pathogenesis/Treatment, MCA (Dry needling to eliminate facial lines and scar contracture), and Clinical Makeup as prosthesis.


Lecturer: Humana Hospitals, Burn and Trauma Centers, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Centers, Dermatology Practices, Medical and Para Medical Associations, Community Health Organizations and Fortune 500 Corporations.


Instructor: About Faces Institute (Permanent Cosmetics and Medical Aesthetics), The Electrology & Laser Centers Institute


Recognized Consultant and Advisor

Ms. Graham serves the Aspen, Boulder and Vail Colorado areas in her private practice. As adjunct she works with Physicians, Licensed Cosmetologists, medical personnel, Para Medical professionals and Veterinarians in providing them with clinical and technical support. This ongoing collaboration has resulted in continuing

research and the ultimate use of cutting edge innovation. Thus, Ms. Graham offers only the finest in services and education together with the highest quality products.



Author and Editor: The Best Skin Care Blog Ever.Pro

Ms. Graham has been in the beauty business since her middle school years. She began at the ripe old age of 14 working as a “Shampoo Girl” in the hair salons of affluent Detroit during the Motor City’s heyday.

Beauty school led to Electrology and Laser school and that led to European technique Skin Care school.

Diana’s focus in her private practice had always been to take beauty products and services to people with deformities

and scaring. Soon the Medical industry invaded the beauty world and “anti ageing” became the new battle cry. Diana was already there and leading the charge.


Always looking for the “next great thing” she soon learned of “Permanent Makeup”. Ms. Graham was already teaching burn and accident victims how to apply a special makeup to disguise their scars. Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing was the sensible next step to help her clients.


30 years later she is still riding the wave of innovation. With each new industry discovery she researches, refines and then teaches the art of Permanent Makeup and Medical Aesthetics to students all over the world.

To round out her illustrious career, Ms. Diana Graham now writes to share her knowledge and experience with her clients and industry professionals alike. Books are too confining she says. A constant flow of information, a continually updated blog (The Best Skin Care Blog Ever.Pro) is her chosen medium. And how exciting and successful it has been!

So what’s next on the beauty horizon? Self hypnosis, the undiscovered power of the human mind, of course :-)


Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

International Alliance of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (Founding  Member) American Electrology

Association • Acne Health Care Centers International

Society of Clinical and Medical Electrologists • Alliance For Safe Practice in Permanent Cosmetics

and Tattooing Professional Writers Alliance • National Guild of Hypnotherapists  •  American Board

of Hypnotherapists



LeMor Micro Pigmentation Institute  •  American Institute of Permanent Color Technology American

Institute of Intra Dermal Cosmetics  •  Michigan State College of Electrology

M. G. Westmore Academy of Reconstructive Cosmetics  •  Institute of Advanced Medical Aesthetics

Fashion Academy of “Your True Colors”  •  London Academy of Image Consulting

Xtreme Lash Extensions Institute • American Writers and Artists Institute • Hypnotherapy Academy of